Within 1975, Vivienne Westwood shop refurbished, after that re-named because "life is too quick, die too soon" We write to the excellent masters began to chuckle, this phrase is very heavy into this particular woman's extraordinary place, "a word derived Vivienne Westwood bracelet philosophy associated with life - the caliber of life, the actual level is a lot small compared to the length of every day life is more essential once the Vivienne Westwood list zip rushing suits and the PUNK series of style, that is, we later discuss the actual "black city design street punks wear black urban tradition design Ten years back that the side freezer racing jacket.
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VivienneWestwood the design and style gown, effectively made a "punk girl" image, as soon as set off a trend associated with Vivienne Westwood . Which cut had been "a mess" white T-shirt, as well as mini miniskirt, long-barreled net socks high boots publicity Vivienne Westwood jewelry personality, taken the actual "heart" of many girls.In 2010, this pulsating Saturn additionally future for the conventional unqualified punk rock style. Acquainted with the VivienneWestwood the Millimeters certainly understand, in 2010 the company launched the "long" angel wings, plastic material flip flops, as soon as available, to be sold "upside down". The shoe in the usa within 03 of the year, begin selling.