shiny leather care, work with a little leather special maintenance oil stick on the soft cloth, together with a little harder inside the leather friction;matte leather care, usually just cloth swab, if serious dirt, you can search to gently wipe the removal of the rubber-like rubber.replica louis vuitton natural oils with the leather itself together with the passage of one's time or use so many times and gradually reduced, to make certain that even very advanced leather likewise require regular maintenance.leather goods which include produce stains black spots can stick alcohol swab test material during the same color skin. Suede products contaminated directly along with the eraser out.

 maintenance, using a soft brush to clean along the direction of your hair condition on it.has to be careful to cover all metal fittings and zipper, wet and salty environment may cause oxidation hardware,Fabric pack fabric usually canvas, denim, cotton lining, usually nylon and cotton, in most cases, the fabric package is usually dry-cleaning or washing more stripes, bright shade of the cloth package must dry cleaning, otherwise it'll fade. The soiled cloth package may be used to clean water including a small amount of detergent, that has a small velvet brush Shun lines round Qingshua can.

General package of cloth often with small velvet the comb Qingshua go dust can, some enable you to iron thanks to iron, to sustain its shape and exquisite.Canvas, cotton bag and maintenance points,Salt-water soak for Fifteen minutes, wash with soapy a soft brush, cold hand wash, opposite of dry, fake louis vuitton warm ironing, be aware of containing cortical product is not soaked, avoid too.remove the activities accessories before cleaning.First conventional cleaning strategies to clean, after which you can with a warm solution, the soft part then wash it again; should observe the soft area of facing inside the drying time.