The 1970s, the Uk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, due to the absurd, quirky design as well as bold style known as the mother of punk, session associated with fame in the world of fashion. Since then, the design lifetime of 30 years, Vivian Westwood is continually innovating to determine Vivienne Westwood glasses and combine her master in the area in the world of fashion.
Recently, the Vivienne Westwood retrospective opening in London's Victoria and Albert Art gallery.It is said this is so much held in the Victoria and Albert Art Vivienne Westwood eyewear gallery, the largest exhibition of fashion design. Fairly associated with the design work by A hundred and fifty Exhibition design career filled with ups and downs as well as passion from the contemporary British fashion designer.
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Mu seafood Muyu is Hangzhou Asian countries Kwai trading company founded within October 2008, the actual household Microsoft. totes brand name.Good personality juicycouture in to them at the forefront of fashion design style, traditional style by adding revolutionary elements, harmonious communion. Meaning of contemporary ladies "insist on the quest for fashion" new suggestions.